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Lighthouse Women's Center

Who We Are

We are a licensed medical center equipped to help women make important decisions about their reproductive health.

We also support those who are navigating these important decisions alongside the women in their lives.

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What We Do

1) Confirm an Unexpected Pregnancy

We will provide free pregnancy testing and medically accurate information.

  • Free Pregnancy Testing – 99% accurate, and completely confidential
  • Free Ultrasound Imaging

2) Receive Compassionate Counseling

Our counselors are kind, gentle and honest. We will carefully discuss any risks you face, and empower you to make a safe decision. We will help you make informed decisions, and we will be here for you no matter what decision you make.

3) Understand the Abortion Procedure

We want you to have all the facts. Too many women are living with regret because they were not given the opportunity to learn the information that we will freely share with you.

We want you to be fully informed of the short and long-term consequences associated with the abortion procedure. We will always listen to your perspective, and realize that this decision is a life changing decision. We care about you and will take the time to walk with you through this struggle.

4) Avoid Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

We provide free, STD testing referrals.

5) Understand the Beauty of Long-Term Fertility Awareness

We can provide you with “Contraception and Family Planning Consultations” to discuss the usage of safe and natural methods of monitoring your monthly signs of fertility. Our concern is for your overall health.

This includes helping you to learn the risks associated with certain contraceptives, and discussion of the alternatives presently available to you.

We can honestly discuss what works best for you.

6) Receive Referrals to other Agency Services

Our center focuses on addressing the immediate health concerns of women and their families.

However, we understand that a woman may need a variety of additional services.

Our staff can refer you to a variety of trusted, compassionate professionals and agencies who are able to provide free assistance.

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Contact Information

Address Information
3894 Olive Street
Denver, CO 80207
Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 9am - 4:30pm
Contact: Lynn Grandon
Contact Title: Director
Phone: 303-320-8352
Email: info@lighthousedenver.org
Located at the corner of Olive St. and 39th Ave, at the northeast end of Martin Luther King Park.
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